The Florida Football Alliance (FFA) is incorporated in the state of Florida as a non-profit entity that is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation.  The FFA is dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Adult Amateur American football at the Minor League level.

Our member teams have roster players that consist of primarily of unpaid, "College-Eligible" young men who use our league as a means to reach their college or professional dreams.  What makes the FFA different from other leagues is the concept of "member management."  Many leagues appoint a Commissioner or President that is solely responsible for rule development and enforcement of the entire organization.  However, in the FFA each member team has a voice (Team President, or designee) in the operation of the league and can exercise their rights through member voting privileges.

Our annual regular season traditionally begins on the Saturday of the final weekend of each January, or that of the first weekend in February. Our regular season schedule is a 10-game format with bye week(s) included at various date(s) throughtout said schedule that are beneficial to our member teams as it pertains to possible game "postponements" and/or "make-up" games, as well as any additional league agenda or activity as set forth prior to each season during our fall owners meetings.

Our post-season always follows the conclusion of our regular season campaign and playoff "qualifieed" teams are scheduled accordingly as it relates to division standings, overall win-loss record, and confirmation that all administrative requirements have been satisfied in accordance with league rules (financial, administrative, etc.).  Our post-season schedule format is similar to that of the National Football League (NFL) in that we generally have a "wildcard" round of playoffs, followed by a "divisional" playoff round, which leads to a set of conference chapionship games to determine the final two teams that will compete in our FFA Championship Game known as the "Alliance Bowl".

The Alliance Bowl is traditionally scheduled in the month of May during our three day event known as "FFA Championship Weekend", which begins with a "Meet-n-Greet" affair on the Friday evening prior to the Saturday Alliance Bowl game, and concludes with a league "awards banquet" on the following Sunday morning, and the annual FFA All-Star Classic that same afternoon.  The location and venue for the annual FFA Championship Weekend is not a set site each season, but rather one that is decided upon by the league administration and its member teams each off-season prior to the regular season taking place.

Interested teams can apply for membership into the FFA by completing the application and all other supporting documentation by visiting the membership page on this website.  The supporting documentation includes proof of ownership (e.g. non-profit incorporation, etc), game field documentation (e.g. lease, letter of agreement, etc) and documentation of liability insurance (aka: Venue/Field Insurance) and submitting it to the FFA Compliance Office by the annual deadline set by the league's Board of Governors.

There is a $150 application fee, which is to accompany the application for membership.  When making payment to the league by check or money order, we ask that it be made payable to the "Florida Football Alliance".  In most cases, applicants will be notified of their status within thirty (30) business days of application submission.  Business days are defined as Monday thru Friday of any given week within a calendar year.

The FFA business year consists of eleven consecutive months beginning with the second Monday of July through the final week of May the following year. Our "business hours" are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Eastern US Time Zone), Monday thru Friday during said period of operation.

The FFA team membership fee for 2016 will be $1,500, and shall be due by a date to-be-announced by the league's Board and/or Executive Administration.

Your membership in the FFA will be a unique opportunity and the experience will be unlike any other league in the Great State of Florida, not to mention the nation. Joining the FFA will not only give your team and organization some incredible sponsorship opportunities, but will allow you to participate in a highly competitive environment within a professionally operated league of play.