Now is your chance to become a member of Florida’s Premier League

The Florida Football Alliance (FFA) is a unique blend of committed owners who go the extra mile to ensure the league is ran in a professional manner. The commitment of our owners is so great that they are guided by their own convictions to operate at the highest level.

Our owners are competitors on the field and business partners off the field. This creates a wonderful bond of brotherhood which is the catalyst for our success in such a short period of time. Our owners are empowered by being board members and armed with a vote to determine and steer the direction of our league. Our owners vote on policy and procedures, new teams and give insight on how to preserve our great league.

The FFA is the "League That Delivers" because of our owner's commitment to excellence and now we want to give you the opportunity to be a part of these great men and women.

Out of all the benefits the FFA has to offer, our biggest and most priceless benefit is our owners. You can't put a price on owners who are committed to playing every game, home and away. You want owners to show up at your game looking good and representing you and the league in the highest manner.

Another great asset is our Officials Association, the Florida Football Alliance Referee Association (FFARA). The FFARA is an important part of our league. The Benefit of having our own association allows us to schedule, maintain and train our officials. Our Officials have a representative that sits on the Executive Board and is a part of the decision making process of the league. The result is a comprehensive working and family relationship between the Owners and the FFARA. This relationship is unmatched and is a benefit we can't even put a price on.

If you have a great organization, or if you think you can build one, and you would like to be a part of a league that by design is stocked with great organizations, now is the time. The FFA has opened its membership registration process and is now accepting applications for teams that have a desire to join "The league that delivers".  The FFA has the competition, the leadership and the world famous championship weekend that every team in Florida should be looking for. Don't get left behind, apply now!!!

2018 Application Fee = $150
2018 League Fee = $1,500*

Please pay your $150 fee thru PayPal upon completing the online application:

c/o: Team Application
742 W Ocean Drive
Boynton Beach, FL 33426

* Broken down into 4 separate payments; beginning September 15, 2018, with final installment due on December 8, 2018.





Direct Benefit

  1. 10-Game competitive regular season sechedule
  2. Competitive post-season schedule and Championship Game payout of $2,225
  3. Covers the cost of our own Officials Association and their administration cost
  4. Three (3) custom league insignia Baden game balls.
  5. Covers custom All Star Jerseys.
  6. Uniform scheduling of game officials: 6 referees utilized during the regular season; 7 referees utilized during the post-season.


Championship Weekend and Bowl Payout

  1. Covers Championship weekend which allows us to have the following events
  • Championship Weekend "Meet-n-Greet" (food & musical entertainment)
  • Alliance Bowl (FFA Championship Game)
  • Awards Ceremony (see list of awards issued below)
  • All-Star Game
  • Bowl payout for FFA Champion (equal to 100% of the league fee paid)
  • Bowl payout for FFA Runner-up (equal to 50% of the league fee paid)


Team, Coach and Player Awards

  1. Awards for teams winning their respective division during the regular season
  2. Awards for teams winning their respective conference championship
  3. Awards for teams finishing as the runner-up in their respective conference championship
  4. Awards for players based on their individual accomplishments
  5. Championship trophy
  6. Runner-up trophy
  7. Awards for all-star head coaches
  8. Commissioners Cup for outstanding organization
  9. Leadership Award for outstanding league leader
  10. Defensive Coach of the Year award
  11. Offensive Coach of the Year award
  12. Coach of the Year award
  13. Team web site award(s)



State of the art Automated Systems



  1. Use of the Arbiter, an automated officials scheduling system that allows our VP of officialting to schedule and maintain over 150 officials across the state of Florida. It also allows our owners to check on the officals scheduled for their game, down load game reports for all their games, and use the syetem to comment on the officials performance for each game
  2. Hosted Sports Automated Stats System
  3. Hosted Sports Automated Team Rosters & Team Page
  4. Hosted Sports Automated Standings
  5. Hosted Sports Automated Schedule


Training & Insurance  


  1. FFA Resource Center where each Owner receives training and a CD with important material that features league documents/booklets that assists each owner in the following areas:
  • Comprehensive Policies and Procedures manual
  • Player ID Books
  • Sideline Procedures
  • Weekly Conference Calls
  • Game Day Timeline/Itinerary
  • FFA Academy