Post-Season Format & Qualification Process:

The FFA has two phases of their post-season qualification process.

Phase one:

A determination of "The Top-5" teams in each respective conference is examined based on their winning percentage, with the each division winner within each conference awarded 1 of the top 2 seeds. Seeds #1, #2 and #3 receive a first round bye in the Wildcard round on April 21st, while seeds #4 and #5 will be scheduled for the Wildcard round in each respective conference on said date.  The schedule for the 2018 post-season is posted below.

Seedings shall be determined by the best overall record and/or winning percentage, best divisional record, and/or best record among common opponent(s) among the qualifiers. The tie-breaker in this process will be the total points allowed for the season. In the event that teams are "tied" in this latter category, refer to the "Tie-Breaker Rules" box on this page.

The highest seed in each game of each round will be designated as the home team throughout the post-season playoff rounds, excluding the Alliance Bowl.

Phase Two:

An administrative review is conducted of all teams that have qualified in the first phase.  League officials will engage in an audit of any financial obligations to the league (annual fees, fines, etc), an inspection of the Player ID Book for "roster certification", as well as a review of each team's compliance with all administrative rules throughout the regular season leading up the post-season.  Player ID Books must be received by the Office of the Commissioner no later than Friday, April 13th.



Post-Season Schedule: 2018

April 21st / Wildcard round

#5 seed at #4 seed In each conference

April 28th / Divisional round

Lowest seed remaining from the Wildcard round at #1 seed in each conferenc
#3 seed at #2 seed in each conference

May 5th / Alliance & Florida Conference Championships

Lowest seed remaining from Divisional round at Highest seed remaining from Divisional round

May 12th / Post-Season Bye Week

May 19th / Alliance Bowl - XI Championship
Larry Kelly Field at Daytona Beach Municipal Stadium, 7:00 pm
Daytona Beach, FL

Alliance Conference Champion vs Florida Conference Champion