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Welcome to the Northern California Federation
of Youth Football and Cheer

NORCALFED is a physical fitness program that creates an atmosphere conducive to the development of mind and character. Our program presents, to each adult affiliated with us, a unique opportunity to share in the molding of youth. Self-discipline properly taught on the football field by a NORCALFED coach can be a major factor in turning a youth's life from self-indulgence to meaningful self-respect, respect for the rights of others and respect for the law.

The lessons of life so readily adaptable from the football field can complement the work of the home, the church and the school in molding young people. Discipline helps to teach youngsters that it is okay to refrain from smoking, to get good grades, to eat a proper diet, to practice good sportsmanship and to keep themselves physically fit. All of this takes place in the context of youngsters playing NORCALFED Football!

NORCALFED enables youth to develop a sense of pride in their community. The program emphasizes school performance, competent coaching, adequate equipment and medical precautions, combined to establish a sound youth football program. A victory recorded by a game score is a short-term accomplishment and will soon be forgotten. Lessons contributing to character development learned on the gridiron can serve as valuable guidelines for life. Youths who can block and tackle, who have the proper attitude, and who are willing to work hard scholastically and physically are the ideal graduate from NORCALFED.

NORCALFED believes that all participants must concentrate their efforts on preparing themselves to work hard in the classroom as well as on the football field. This is done when all parents, coaches, and any others affiliated with NORCALFED instill in players that success comes from teamwork, accepting personal responsibility, and good sportsmanship at school and on the field

Monthly Conference Presidents' Meetings


Northern Conference

-->Every 2nd Monday each month
7pm at Upper Crust Pizza in


Northern Conference Cheer Meeting
Each Third Sunday
2pm at Upper Crust Pizza in Redding


Southern Conference

-->Every 2nd Monday each month
7pm at Round Table Pizza in
Yuba City


Southern Conference Cheer Meeting
Every Second Monday each month
7:30pm at Round Table Pizza in
Yuba City





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