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Welcome to the Online
2014 Testing Portal!


By NORCALFED Rule, all Football Coaches, Cheer Coaches, Weighmasters and MPR Monitors must pass certification tests to be registered with NORCALFED.

Below are links to the tests available. Once you have completed the test, print your certificate(s) and submit along with an adult registration to your Association president.

NOTE: Please provide an email address when prompted. A copy of the test certificate will be sent to this address for your records. If you do not have an email, you may use an Association email, or your president, player agent...etc.

Contact your president or assocation board member, if you have any questions.

Good Luck and Welcome to NORCALFED!!

To take the test, Click one of the following Links:


NCF Football and Cheer Tests

Football Coach Test

Refer to the current rule book or view a copy online at


Cheer Coach Test

Refer to the current rule book or view a copy online at

Administration Page (Password Required)

For Presidents: Click Here to Receive an Updated List of Tests Taken

Tacklesure Concussion Awareness Training
Thanks to SOTL and American Youth Football
(Required for all Head Coaches.  THIS IS THE ONLY test the head coach needs to take)

New for 2014, we have been provided with a special concussion awareness training program through our membership with American Youth Football and 

Cost is $5.00 per coach because we are members of American Youth Football.  We feel this would be less expensive than the time and travel costs for each coach to attend one of the two clinics we were going to offer.

The online training offers a series of videos, and most of them must be watched in order to unlock the test at the end.  These videos can be viewed on your desktop PC as well as your smart phone or tablet. for added convenience.

Passing the test requires a score of at least 70%.  Once the test is complete, print your certificate and turn this in with your other test certificate(s) and your adult registration and background check results.

To begin you will need to register online, and then purchase your class.  There are two ways to pay and register online.  The quickest method is using your existing Facebook account if you have one.  Just click the Facebook icon from the website.  The other way is to manually signup and create a user name and password.

Clink the link below to begin the process. And Good Luck!

Tacklesure SOTL Training Site

Concussion Training and Heat Awareness
(Required for all Assistant Coaches. NOT HEAD COACHES)

This is the same course we used last year.  We are keeping this so that the Assistant Coaches can get some important concussion training and education without going through the full video course their Head Coach will be taking. However, Assistants make take either test if they desire. 

Below are links to the online test and to the video playlist.

Video Playlist

Concussion Online Test

Weigh Masters and MPR Class Materials

These are in Microsoft Office Power Point format. If you do not have Power Point, then there is a free viewer. Click here to download.


Weigh Masters Power Point Presentation.

Weigh Masters Certification Test
(See Chapter 13 Rule 20 of the NCF Rule Book for additioinal information)

NOTE: There may be some reference to game day weighins. It must be assumed that this mean only weighing those players that have not weigh certified for the season, as 2014 is the first year we are not weighing each player.  Contact your president if you have any questions.


MPR Power Point Presentation.

MPR Monitor Certification Test
(See Chapter 17 of the NCF Rule Book for additional information)




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